MP40 Data Sheet, application/pdf, MB, 08/06/ VorTech MP40w ES Propeller Pump Gen 2 MP40 Manual, application/pdf, MB, 10/27/ Your vortech propeller pump before you start, Adjust the pin spacer • Read online or download PDF • EcoTech Marine Gen 2 MP40 User Manual. MP40w ES. MP10 ES/ MP10w ES. For the full VorTech Pump manual, please visit our website at • Read this manual before installing .

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To print the manual completely, please, download it. This example would be the startup sequence for Firmware Revision 1. Maintenance General Manintenance Cleaning your VorTech The VorTech may need thorough cleaning of the components periodically to keep it running opti- mally.

This mode is represented in the image below Assigning Local Max Speed To A Slave While normally you cannot change the speed of a slave pump, because the speed is determined entirely by the master pump, with the EcoSmart driver you now have the ability to control the maxi- mum speed of individual slave pumps independently from the master. For more information on assigning master and slaves, see section 3.

In this mode, your To remove the nozzle from the wet frame, remove the entire wet half of the pump from the aquarium and place it on a non-metallic surface. To set up this mode, you must calibrate your motor using the following sequence of operations: However, the precise position of any one pump on a pane of glass is still something which must be optimized to your particular aquarium. Page 37 Upgrade Completed Successfully: Short Pulse Mode can then be used if you would like a wave running all the time, or you can use an EcoSmart mode which will auto-load your saved wave frequency and use it during points in the EcoSmart program.


Retry Firmware Upgrade Process.

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Protect these components from splashes of any kind. When turned on, the option button can be used simultaneously with either the set or mode buttons to perform certain configurations.

Wireless Driver Firmware Up Page 14 – Section 3. Assigning Local Max Speed t Warranty If you notice a problem with your VorTech propeller pump, do not attempt to repair it yourself. The nozzle should become free of the wet frame. Page 34 For this tank we recommend that you place the master pump running an EcoSmart mode on the right end of the back pane of glass, and a slave pump on the left side. Gently but firmly press down on the nozzle with your palm and twist coun- ter clockwise.

Any wa- ter allowed into these components can damage them enough to require replacement. Pump Configuration of EcoSmart Modes. Any water allowed into these components can damage them enough to require replacement.

Page 33 – Section 5. Take care to place the VorTech in a suitable location where corals are not directly in the line of flow. Maintenance Page 36 – Section 6.

EcoTech Marine Gen 2 MP40 User Manual

Wireless Driver Firmware Upgrade Follow the instructions and diagram below to upgrade your drivers firmware. The EcoSmart Wireless Driver enables wireless coordination and en- hanced functionality between multiple MP40w ES units right out of the box, with no extra equipment to buy—making it the most effective solution on the market for larger aquariums. Manuual 37 Page 38 – Section 6. If it fails again, contact EcoTech Marine Support for further assistance.


Ecotech Marine EcoSmart User Manual

Place the pump sufficiently high enough above a fine sand bed so that sand is not blown around by the output or undertow created by the VorTech. If none of this works, contact EcoTech Marine to speak with a service represenative.

Because there are no other panes of glass to place additional pumps, slave pumps should not be mp0 in the turquoise mode at all for an aquarium with this configuration. Pump Disconnect Error Prote Adjust the pin spacer The VorTech pump is designed to operate with a constant gap between both halves of the device.

For advanced EcoSmart pump positioning, see section 5. The pin mmanual is used to ensure the proper spacing for various aquarium wall thicknesses. Setup Your Vortech 5.