Equipped with ZEISS RESCAN ,. ZEISS OPMI LUMERA takes surgical microscopy to a whole new level with integrated intraoperative OCT. Visualize. OPMI LUMERA Incorporating the latest technologies from Carl Zeiss into a modular design, the OPMI LUMERA(R) represents the pinnacle of. Consult Carl Zeiss Meditec ‘s entire OPMI Lumera catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/

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Other products by Zeiss Other products in Surgical Microscopes. You can also save videos to a portable storage medium quickly lumeraa easily, so you can share recordings with others.

Zeiss OPMI LUMERA Featuring Stability and High-Contrast Red Felex

BloomfieldCT Questions about our Surgical Microscopes? The lumwra speak for themselves: The member international jury has honored both the excellent conception and outstanding design of this lumear edge surgical microscope for ophthalmology. The result for the surgeon: The touchscreen is suitable for use in sterile conditions and acts as a central interface to control the surgical microscope and view OR images. The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Stereo coaxial illumination SCI.

OPMI LUMERA 700 from Carl Zeiss Meditec Receives Design Award

Coaxial and full-field illumination patent pending Fiber-optic illumination Superlux Eye: Quick switching between a second lens and magnification. Related Searches Corneal topograph Slit lamp Computer workstation Colposcope Pachymeter Tonometer Vitrectome Binocular loupe Carl Zeiss operating microscope Linear particle accelerator Automatic keratometer Carl Zeiss ophthalmic laser Digital video lumwra Microsecond laser Fluorescence microscope module Automatic refractometer Retinal photocoagulation laser Phoropter Optical microscope module Carl Zeiss table ophthalmic examination.

Cart Wishlist Account Login. The company creates innovative visualisation solutions in the field of microsurgery.


This sophisticated surgical microscope ensures high performance, so procedure lumeea It simplifies membrane peeling and vitrectomy using a contact glass, without the hassle of fitting extra accessories. It can be attached with the main microscope or controlled separately. When the surgical microscope is attached to the arm without lumerra, eyepiece or objective lens and the XY coupling is also attached, a maximum of 9 kg of additional accessories can be attached to the spring arm.

OPMI LUMERA from Carl Zeiss Meditec Receives Design Award – Microscopy News

Carl Lumear Meditec Group: This system allows the surgeon to view transparent structures of the eye during the surgery and instantly monitor your surgical decisions, progress, and outcomes. The integrated keratosope permits visualization of the corneal curvature during the surgery. Fluorescence filter Slit Lamp Slit widths: The functionality of the RESIGHT fundus viewing system, which displays the back of the eye with superb clarity and detail in retinal surgery, was also highlighted by the jury.

This means that the eye of the user is immediately directed to the key controls for the innovative assistance functions and the cleaning process is considerably simplifed. The foot control panel is also operated without cables. Highly stable, high-contrast red reflex. By enclosing all potentially obstructive or interfering factors such as cables, the housing is an optimally self-contained unit.

This is the moment we work for. Open the catalog to page 4. The non-contact fundus viewing systems provide a clear, detailed visualization of the luumera.

Soma Technology, Inc offers a wide range of Surgical Microscopes. The Carl Zeiss Group has approximately 13, employees, including more than 8, in Germany. The company supplies innovative technologies and application-oriented solutions designed to help doctors improve the quality of life of their patients. This allows luera to continue the operation quickly after moving the microscope, such as after introducing an endoscopic light source.


Open the catalog to page 7. Assistance functions in the eyepiece. Intuitive and straightforward operation is possible via the touchscreen. Open the catalog to page 8. It also boasts assistance functions that enable you to operate precisely. Open the catalog to page 6. Real-time reassurance during retina surgery. Rising cost pressures in the OR. We use cookies to improve your experience with our site.

OPMI LUMERA 700 Surgical Microscope from ZEISS

This means you have a lot of headroom, both in the working position and lumrea extremely compact park position. In addition to the legendary optical quality associated with the ZEISS brand, the integration of functions enables not only excellent ergonomics and stress-free surgery for the ophthalmologist, but also optimal outcomes for the patient.

If you have any questions about any of our Surgical Microscopes or need a quick quote, call GET-SOMA and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will help you. The company has subsidiaries in Germany and abroad; more than 50 percent of its employees are based in the USA, Japan, Spain and France. The moment you can see every last detail with perfect clarity. And as lumea products work together seamlessly, they lkmera convenience in the OR.