Edward Topsell was born in Sevenoaks, Kent and baptised in He matriculated as a sizar at Christ’s College, Cambridge in , and graduated BA in. Author: Topsell, Edward, ? Title: The history of four-footed beasts and serpents describing at large their true and lively figure, their several names. Edward Topsell Source for information on Edward Topsell: Science and Its Times: Understanding the Social Significance of Scientific Discovery.

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The Mes of the Ibex. Of the tongue being hurt with the bit or otherwise. Of the quantity of Serpents, and their abode, food, and other accidents. Of the Getulian Squirrel, described and figured by Doctor Cay. Of the signes topsll sickness in general. Of the Canker in the mouth.

Another of the Canker in the mouth. Of the Colt Evil. Views View Edit History. Of Wens or knobs growing about the Saddle skirts. Of a Nether taint. Of bones out of joynt. Of old Ulcers or Wounds. Of the choise of Stallions and breeding Mares.

Edward Topsell – Wikipedia

Of the Scythian Asses. Of the Frenzy and Madness of a Horse. The Medicines of the Musk-cat. Of the Indian Asses. The Medicines arising from the Weasel. Of the Levyner or the Lyemmer. The Medicines of the Ichneumon.


Of the Diseases in the Head. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Of the mattering of the Yard. Of the diseases of the Guts of a Horse, and first of the Colick. How to know when a Horse halteth before in what part his grief is.

Of an upper Attains or over-reach upon the back sinew of the shanke, somewhat above the joynt. Of their poyson and bitings. Modern Language Association http: Of casting the Hoof.

Edward Topsell

Of Splaiting in the Shoulder. The medicines of the Sheep in general. Licensing for more information.

Of Careering Horses for Pomp or Triumph. Of the Cankerous Ulcer in the Nose.

Of the procreation of mice, Topsell writes, it “is not only by tppsell, but also nature worketh wonderfully topsel ingenduring them by earth.

L Full Bibliographic Record: Of the Bloudy flux. To the extent possible under law, the Text Creation Partnership has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this keyboarded and encoded edition of the work described above, according to the terms of the CC0 1. Lion; This woodcut is an illustration from the book The history of four-footed beasts and serpents Of the Evil habit of the Stomach.


Of the Pin and Web, and other dimness. The medicines arising out of Horses. The medicines of the Hog. Of the Cratches, or Rats tails, called of the Italians, Crepaccie. Edwward the several diseases of Horses and their cures.

Of the diseases incident to the womb of a Mare, and specially of barrenness. Of the swelling of the Fore-legs after great labor. Of the Haw, called of the Italians, Ilunghia de gli occhi.

File:Edward Topsell, The Historie of Foure Footed Beasts Wellcome L0028393.jpg

Of burning with Lime or any other fiery thing. Topsell, not a naturalist himself, relied on earlier authorities, most topsel the Historiae animalium of the Swiss scholar Conrad Gessner. Of the shedding of Seed. For the Cough, and pain in the Lungs.

Of Scabs, and the causes of them.